A critical component of any successful insurance and risk management program is the up-front pricing that the members of the program are able to benefit from. In order to provide attractive pricing, the insurance rates that drive the final pricing need to be highly competitive. There are a few key items to think about when discussing rates.

What you ultimately pay for your insurance depends on a number of factors, but at the heart of it, the initial pricing is driven by the rates for your classification codes (both on your General Liability Insurance and your Workers Compensation insurance, as well as your auto insurance). These codes are determined by the type of work you are performing, and then you are classified accordingly. Each insurance company will determine how comfortable they are with a specific class of business and they will determine a rate that fits their comfort level. These rates will drive the base pricing for your policy going forward.

The unique aspect of the iGO program is that our Acrisure Agency Partners will be working directly with the key individuals at National American Insurance Company (NAICO) to ensure the pricing is competitive on the front end, and competitive throughout the life of the program. NAICO understands that for this program to be successful long-term, they need to be able to grow the program. The best way to grow a program is to start with competitive upfront pricing which will attract members to join.

The Acrisure Agency Partners, in conjunction with the team at NAICO, are committed to ensuring the success of the iGO program, and we are all dedicated to providing competitive rates for the MOGA members.